A catch-all mailbox is one that collects all the messages sent to inactive email addresses. For example, if your email address is info@domain.com, but someone mistypes it and sends an email message to inof@domain.com, it will still be received in the catch-all mailbox that you have configured. Just one single mailbox per domain name can have this feature activated and thus you will never miss emails because the other party has an out-of-date address or has made a typo. The disadvantage of setting up a catch-all mailbox is that you may begin receiving a lot of spam email messages, but this issue can be rectified by using an anti-spam protection solution. It’s also essential to keep in mind that a mailbox with an activated catch-all feature cannot redirect inbound messages to a third-party email address.

Catch-all Emails in Cloud Hosting

If you have a cloud hosting plan with our company and you’d like to enable the catch-all option for a certain e-mailbox that you have in the web hosting account, it’ll take literally just one single click of the mouse in the Email Manager section of your Hepsia hosting Control Panel to achieve that. A catch-all button is available on the right-hand side of each and every email address that you have created under any domain name hosted in the account. You can pick one single address per domain name by clicking on the corresponding button. This will activate the feature right away, so all messages sent to miswritten email addresses will be delivered there. Clicking on the button again will turn off the catch-all feature. In case you’ve got active email forwarding, our system will show a cautionary notification and you won’t be able to activate the catch-all feature till you delete the forwarding or you can simply choose another mailbox to be the catch-all one.