The disk space function displays the full capacity of info that you'll be able to have on the cloud hosting server at any time. With a personal computer, for instance, this is the capacity of one hard disk or the overall volume of all hard disk drives in the event that your PC has more than just a single one. The same way that your space on a personal computer is divided between installed programs, documents, music files and so on, the server hard disk space is ordinarily shared between internet site files, databases and email messages. Every file, folder or email takes some space on your server, and that means you should think about multiple factors, not just the size of the files which you upload. For instance, having sizable email attachments or having a script-driven website in which the user-generated data is saved in a database will also affect the hdd space you use.

Disk Space in Cloud Hosting

Using our cloud hosting packages, you'll never concern yourself with hdd storage. While most companies generate accounts using just a single server and at some time all the server hard disk space is being used, we've employed a cloud hosting system where the files, email messages as well as the databases are handled by independent groups of servers. Thus, each machine works better because just a single kind of processes is working on it, plus the hdd storage is practically limitless as we will always add more servers or hard disk drives to the cluster, depending on whether we'd like extra processing power or perhaps more storage space. You'll never deal with a situation in which you are not able to upload more files as there is no free hdd space on your server, that is something you can come across with other suppliers. When you use our hosting services, you can rest assured that shortage of space will never be a problem for the growth of your web sites.

Disk Space in Dedicated Servers

The lowest hard disk space available using our dedicated servers is 500 gigabytes. You'll have two hard disks, 250 gigabytes each, and it will be up to you the way you will allocate this space. You can easily have the drives in RAID, therefore your data will always be secured as one drive will function as a real-time mirror of the other, or you'll be able to make them operate individually, so as to use the total storage space capacity that'll be at your disposal. The disk space of all our dedicated web hosting plans will do for everything - major Internet shops, file depository portal, individual archive clone, and much more. We'll never restrain your sites in terms of the hard disk space they can use. In case that they begin expanding, we give you the chance to add extra disks to your current server when required. If you get the server with cPanel or DirectAdmin for the hosting Control Panel, you'll also be able to make a unique account for every single hosted domain and set a specific hdd storage quota for it. When you use Hepsia all your domain names will be hosted in one place and they'll share the whole server storage space.